Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Where is my camera phone today?

Wait, I'm too cheap to actually own a camera phone....

Normally, I don't really want/need a camera phone. Just those times when I see something really crazy (or need photographic evidence for something) and wish I could capture it in 0's and 1's.

So, I was returning from Pei Wei's (getting carry out to eat at my desk - lovely). So, as I was leaving the parking lot, this woman was walking to her car - wearing head to toe sky blue spandex. A spandex top, running shorts, and tights (leggings? no idea what the correct term is) that were all the same color and luster - metallic sky blue. Are leggings/tights still around? Not to mention that in the blast furnace that Houston is lately, those things would melt to your legs and cause severe burns.

So, further down the road - two more camera worthy scenes (though not as good at the Blue Spandex Queen). Two women were at a bus stop. One was head to toe in orange, head COVERED in white guaze. Other woman was arranging gauze to cover her entire head - including her face. Now I know its hot and all - but wouldn't covering your face just make you hotter and cause you to suffocate?

Then on a hill (not an actual hill made out of dirt - just an overpass. Houston doesn't have any *natural* hills) - there's some dude on a moped. But its a dead moped. And he's sitting on the seat "walking" the bike up the hill, only the seat is so tall, he's using his tip-toes. Now, why he didn't just get off the moped and WALK the thing up the hill like a normal person is beyond me. But wait - normal people don't actually own mopeds.... ok, that explains it.

Anyways, that was my entertainment on the way back from picking up my lunch. Now my day has peaked and I have nothing to look forward to. ;)

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