Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We're evacuating

As Hurricane Rita approaches Cat 5 strength - and is headed towards Houston, Will, the kitties and I are evacuating. To Denver. Because there are NO hotel rooms available in Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio due to Hurricane Katrina. So, I figure for what we'd spend on gas to a hotel, then hotel for an indefinite amount of time - we'd spend the same, if not less on gas driving to my mom's house. And then I can be comfy and see friends and maybe have some fun while my house is being battered.

The scary thing for me is that I cannot plan. I'm a planner. I have a plan for everything. And with this storm - so much is unknown. All I can do is that me and my family is safe and just hope that our posessions and house will be ok. Which sucks so much, I can't even describe. I've been anxious and jittery all day long, and I am NEVER like this. I can't focus, either. Well, except on the hurricane and potential disaster.

So, we'll be leaving tomorrow AM for our lovely drive with whatever we can pack and the two kitties (heavily tranqulized, of course). My mom has internet (even if its on a crappy IMac) so I should be able to respond to email.

Wish us luck!


Vicky said...

Hey Erin I hope you guys have a safe trip to Denver! Hope you didn't get stuck in any of that nasty traffic I saw on the news. Good luck and I hope all is ok w/ your house.

Jess said...

I hope you guys had a safe trip up to Denver. check in when you get there! :)