Thursday, January 03, 2008


So, my body really doesn't like the idea of me being athletic.

I broke my foot sometime before Christmas..... It started hurting on Dec 19th. It didn't get diagnosed as broken until Dec 31st. During the time between it hurting and being diagnosed, I went skiing (I swear it didn't hurt then), snowmobiling, and walked/jogged 9 miles.

It was the 9 miles that did it. My foot felt ok during the first hour. I stopped to turn around after 1 hr because I was freezing (we were in Idaho) and *wham* acute pain. When I got home, I had a random bruise on my foot, which is what finally freaked me out enough to make a doctors appointment.

So yeah. I have an avulsion fracture to my 5th metatarsal on my right foot. Basically, the tendon that wraps around the outside of my ankle and attaches to that bump on the outside of my foot pulled away and splintered the bone. Good times. Now I get to wear a uber-hawt velcro boot that goes up to my knee for 4-8 week. At least I can still swim.

But no half marathon for me. Which sucks beyond words.

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Two Date Diva said...

I think you might be my new hero. If I scratch my knee, I whine about it for 2 days. You jogged on a freaking broken foot?!?! That's amazing!