Saturday, January 05, 2008

to run or not to run..... logic or doctor's orders need not apply

so, this whole "broken foot" thing and my brain really don't get along too well. Almost immediately after my doctor visit, I began to doubt that my foot was broken "that badly." I started searching the internet for medical discussions about my break "avulsion fracture of the 5th metatarsal". The pictures of this sort of break that were on-line were much worse than mine. These breaks were like lighting bolts through the bone, where as mine was a fuzzy patch on the back end of my bone. So,really, my break can't be all that bad, right?

Then my doctor took x-rays of both feet, but only looked at the right foot. I still want to call him, asking him to email me the xrays, so I can compare both feet to determine if my right *really* does look different than my left. So, is my foot even really broken? Does my doctor have something against me and running and just made this up?

And with 4 days of my foot being immobilized, it doesn't hurt anymore. So, I'm now thinking.... I walked/jogged on it for 9 miles with NO immobilization. Surely after 2 weeks of immobilization, adding on an additional 5 miles (for 13 total) will be ok (or not do that much more damage).

And on Thurs night, I was talking to one of our Subaru friends, who is running the Houston marathon the same weekend as Disney. He's german and a PhD physicist. His thoughts are that based on what I did before diagnosis, if I just wrap my foot really tighly, I should be fine for Disney. Then we started talking, and came up with the brilliant idea that I can start the race and if it hurts, then I can stop at a first aid tent and get a ride back to the meet-up area. Seems reasonable, right?

I think Will is going to have to lock up my right tennis shoe before I leave on Thursday...... Otherwise, odds are, I will be participating in the half-marathon... with a broken foot. And somehow, this seems all perfectly ok and justifiable in my wacky little head.

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Two Date Diva said...

You have some serious dedication to exercise, finding a bruise on my foot would have been a great excuse for me to stop running.