Monday, January 14, 2008

A very strange sequence of events

I'm a big believer of "everything happens for a reason". The past week (or so) is definitely proof of that.

I broke my foot, preventing me from running the Disney half marathon.

My friend (C, that I was running with) - her husband's grandfather's health had declined rapidly. C recently moved to FL to be closer to her family, while her husband stayed behind in SC until he could transfer to FL. When I called on Dec 31 to tell C that I broke my foot, she was in the process of moving out of her SC home, to get her husband moved into Granddaddy's house to better watch after him.

A week later, it was decided that C would be moving back up to SC and acting as Grandaddy's home health care provider. She'd be moving the same day I flew back home. I cancelled my trip so she could have more quality time with her own family.

Last Wednesday, C found out that Grandaddy was hospitalized due to complications from dimensia. She decided to move the very next day (which would have been the day I arrived in Orlando).

Last Thurs (the day I was supposed to be in Orlando), I got a call from my best friend from HS. Her husband's grandfather had passed away, and they were in Alabama for his funeral. They were flying back home with a layover in Houston, but were delayed and would most likely miss their connection in Houston. Sure enough, they were 3 hrs late and missed their plane - and couldn't get on another plane for 24 hrs. Since this was weather related, they were on their own for lodging, etc.

So for 24 hrs, I got to hang out with my friend that I don't get to see very often, because of a very bizarre chain of events. It was really so incredible that something good and fun came out of so many bad things. This almost never happens. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.


Two Date Diva said...

Perhaps there really are no coincidences, huh?

Victoria said...

happened to read your blog for the first time in forever. Holy crap on the foot! I've broken the 5th metatarsal (sp), but mine was only a non-displaced fracture - still had a cast though (non-removable!). Good call on just letting it heal. Didn't realize what was going on w/ C, gave her a ring today to check in w/ her.

Hope all is well otherwise, just insanely busy here (still). Maybe I'm just insane period?