Monday, November 01, 2010

October Totals

My last month of "being a bum" before starting IMTX training.  I think that taking this time off has been really good.  I feel recharged and ready to roll.  October was really chaotic, with my transfer and getting the house ready, and spending a week in Denver.  I was very good in Denver, though - did 2 runs and 2 swims.  Running at altitude was actually easy (and it was 39 degrees!) but keeping my walls long during my swims was hard.  My poor lungs were burning from less oxygen.  The workouts in Denver must have paid off, though, because I managed to get 5th in my Age Group at Firethorne
Bike: 4h 21m 27s - 72.48 Mi
Run: 16h 59m 39s - 91.54 Mi (sooo close to 100 miles - this is the MOST MILES EVER for a month for me - I had 86 miles in May)
Swim: 9h 24m 34s - 24896.81 Yd
Yoga: 3h 00m


Review of Octobber Goals

  • Work on consistent weekly running. Would like to be able to report back next month that I was running 3x a week, just like my schedule says. I did much better this month!  I ran 3x a week for 3 of the 4 weeks this month.  The 1 week where I didn't do this, I decided I needed an extra day recovery from Firethorne (and from my Denver trip).  I ran all my planned long runs, except for the weekend I had Firethorne.
  • Work on tempo and speeds for running. Now that the cool weather is back, I need to incorporate more tempo running into my weekday runs. I didn't accomplish this goal, mainly because I was not specific in planning my runs.  Back when I was coached, I had intervals and speeds.  This month, I was more just like "push the back half or last few miles".  Not at all specific.  I will say that overall, my runs have been faster and I have been able to push harder with the cooler weather.  And at Firethorne, I did CRUSH my 5k PR (10:00/pace) by running the 3 miles at a 9:22/mile pace.
  • Enjoy this month - its the last month before Ironman training begins. Done and done!
 November Goals
  • Get up to speed working with Coach Carole.  This means learning to work with someone new, adjusting to their workouts, communication style.  It also means more time on the bike.
  • Re-work my running schedule (again, with Coach Carole).  I'm scratching the Houston Marathon (per Carole's instructions) and will most likely be doing the RunGirl 13.1 Dec 12th. 
  • Get regular massages.
  • Keep my house clean - aka "show mode".  We just listed it and we really need it to sell quickly.

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