Sunday, November 14, 2010

power of positive thinking

I survived my first official week of Ironman training,  More than that, I did really well and actually had fun.  I'm impressed with myself and how I did. 

This week I have:
Run 36.68 miles (a record for me by ~10 miles), including 1 track workout
rode my bike 3 times, including 2 trainer rides
swam 6300 yards
did yoga for one hour (not on my plan, but I did it anyways)
did a total of 13 hrs, 20 min of exercise

Friday-Saturday-Sunday were especially daunting.... 
Friday - masters swim practice, 70 min run
Saturday - 15 mile run, 30 min recovery bike
Sunday - 30 min run (which my coach told me will feel like crap) and 60 min bike

Scary, especially for a non-runner like me.  Especially with the 10 mile jump in weekly mileage AND the fact that this was my first 15 mile run.

Once I got over being freaked out - I mean, I can't be all defeatist "I can't do this" if I don't even TRY to do it first - and wrapped my head around it, I just went to work.  Follwed the plan.

I fully expected to not be able to walk last night.  I really had no idea how today's run and bike would feel.  And crazy enough, I felt pretty good last night.  And I was able to run and bike pretty darn easily today.

I'm pretty proud I stepped up to the challenge and am excited about the next 26 week of IMTX training ahead of me :)

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