Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving workouts

aka - my coach may be trying to kill me, but its for my own good.

First of all, with my run this morning, I passed the 100 mile milestone for running.  My first time doing this.  Woot!

Workouts this weekend weren't terrible, but they were challenging.
  • Friday - 1 hr run with some short hill work
  • Saturday - 2 hr run with pace work.  During the run, I really didn't think I was hitting my pacing.  When I downloaded my file afterwards, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was right on the money for my pace.  Very cool.  No ice bath, but I did wear my compression socks and tights all day.
  • Sunday - 1 hr run follwed by a 2.5 hr bike.  It was very windy for the bike, so I flipped my garmin screen to show only total time, cadence, and HR.  This actually turned out to be really good, as I could focus on my cadence for the ride.  As a result, I had my highest average cadence ride to date.  I intended to take an ice bath when I was done, but this plan was thwarted by a last minute appointment by a realtor to show my house.  So instead of stretching and an ice bath, I sat in my truck stalked my house.  Should have at least worn my tights, but I feel like a dork going out in public in them, and by that point in the day, I had errands and chores to do. 
  • Monday - 1 hr run.  This was the worst run ever.  I think my pace was a pathetic 12:30/mile, which is SLOWER than my Boise 70.3 half marathon overall pace.  Everything was just so tight and wouldn't loosen up until the last mile.  I know why my coach had me do this run though - very realistic training for how things will feel during IMTX.  Better I get familiar with this sensation early so I can be mentally prepared for the suck-fest.
This week is a bit lighter - I've got the RunGirl half marathon in 2 weeks, so I've got some speedwork and then its taper time.  Yay!

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