Thursday, April 07, 2011

24-Hour Freakness

I'm in Houston for work and Ironman Lonestar 70.3.  I had ~2300 yards on my schedule, but since it was Thursday, that meant no Masters team to drop in on.  So, off to utilize my barely used 24 Hour Fitness membership. 

During my hour swim, I witnessed:
  • A guy that would alteranate btwn doing jumping jacks and this weird sort-of breastroke/treading water thing
  • A woman who was doing backstroke WITH A KICKBOARD under her back (trust me, she did NOT need flotation devices)
  • A dude in a way too small speedo who lacked the skills to back up the speedo.  Unfortunately, he was in the lane that was on my breathing side. 
  • This was accented by another guy (who looked like he was wearing boxer/briefs) who was in the pool for maybe 5 min, during which he sunk to the bottom of the 5' end (holding his breath) then swam across all the lanes to hang onto the wall and do a bunch of kicking.
  • Finally, after my workout, when I was in the locker room, there was a lady getting ready to swim (with a noodle) who pulled her suit on over her underwear.   
I could not make any of this up.  It was freaky.  At least I wasn't bored?  (and THANK GOODNESS I had a lane all to myself).

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