Friday, April 01, 2011

March 2011 Totals

FINALLY - a good solid month of training :)  Its amazing what not being sick and not having family emergencies will do to keep you on your training plan!

Bike: 38h 04m 21s - 542.28 Mi (almost double of what I did in Feb)
Run: 12h 17m 27s - 63.57 Mi (almost double of what I did in Feb)
Swim: 11h 30m - 31200 Yd
Core Training: 30m

Evaluation of March's goals:
Goals for March:
  • Survive training. More building and catch up in March. Lots of cycling. On hills. At altitude. My goal is to keep a positive attitude and keep working at getting better.  This has been a hard one.  Physically, I'm doing really awesome.  Mentally, its hard, mostly because I've done all of my runs and rides by myself, and the lonliness is really starting to get to me.  Last weekend all I wanted to do was spend a whole day on the couch.  But I still got up and out the door at my designated time and got in my workouts.
  • Figure out how to train in cold weather, even if that means treadmill. Or figure out what to wear when its cold and I run outside. Or figure out how cold is "too cold to run". It hasn't been cold at ALL this month, so I get a free pass on this goal :)
So, goals for April.....
  • Ride the IMTX course on April 8th to refresh my memory on the course, and hopefully give myself a confidence boost.
  • Use Lonestar as a training race, not a race-race.  Really try to run the whole run, even though it will be warm.  Still, I'm curious to see how I do on the race overall compared to last year, since my fitness is so much better. 
  • Get all my IMTX kinks worked out, specifically nutrition, clothes.  I switched to non-protein Infinit last week and I got a new Pearl Izumi Race kit for the IM.  Going to use Lonestar to test out both of these.
  • Stay healthy.
I've got a big month ahead of me :)

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