Friday, February 08, 2013

Because I'm a data nerd

IMTX and IMCDA don't exactly have the same training calendar - CDA is a month after TX.  Still, I was curious to see how my January 2013 stacked up against my January 2011.  I also love spreadsheets, so behold:
Ok, this doesn't look super great, mainly because while my excel skills are awesome, my HTML skills are the opposite of awesome.

Swim:  I am kicking booty.  Not only have I swam WAY more in Jan 2013, but I am swimming nearly 200 yards faster per hour.  I was with a masters team both months (and swam solo a few times both months).  Maybe the fact that I'm in a meters pool now is contributing?  I dunno.

Bike: Jan 2011 was partially on a spin bike (I conservatively estimated 12.5 mph for those 8 hrs) and on the road.  Jan 2013 had one road ride and the rest were trainer rides.  While in 2013, I am short by nearly 100 miles in distance, my pace is dead even from 2011.  Considering that in 2011, 55% of my time was spent riding outside, which is typically faster, I'm pretty dang happy with a dead even pace difference.  I'm curious to see how my pace does once I'm on the road more.  Also, I lost 2 potential bike days because I was skiing, so I may have had another 4-5 hrs and 50-60 miles.

Run: I ran nearly 13 more miles in 2013 than 2011.  Cool!  My pace is 0.2 miles/hour slower this year, but considering how many recovery runs and MAF runs I have with heart rate limits and ~12:30 paces, I'm actually suprised I'm slower by such a small amount.  I think my tempo intervals and my 10 mile race speeds are faster than 2011, which is helping to even things out a bit. 

  • Swam 60% more distance at a faster pace.  Cool.
  • Rode 40% less but at an equivalent pace, despite all of 2013's miles were on a trainer.  I'm ok with that.  A bit afraid of March when the bike starts to ramp up, but we'll just have to deal with that when it happens!
  • Ran 20% more but at an overall slower pace (36 seconds per mile slower).  But considering that the majority of my runs are MAF runs or recovery runs with HR limits of ~140, which have substantially slower paces, I'm ok with only being a hair slower than 2011.  Especially when I ran significantly more miles!

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