Monday, February 18, 2013

Tuesday morning run in Tempe

I was in Phoenix last week for work.  I was trapped in meetings all week - seriously, 3.5 days of SOLID meetings.  I got worked.  That meant I had to get my workouts done at o'dark-thirty, before the meetings started. 

Tuesday was my usual interval run:

Warm-up 5 minute walk then 10 minute easy jog.

3x15min (5 min. easy jog (HR less than 140), 5 min hard run (HR btwn 150 and 160), and 5 min medium run (HR less than 150).  Plus an additonal 5 min with a HR less than 140. 
Cool down at least 5 minutes
I slept poorly and was a bit nauseous when I woke up, which is weird, because that never happens.  I sucked it up and headed out.  I decided to run along the IMAZ course at Tempe Town Lake.  It was 5 min from my hotel, flat, and well lit.  My legs didn't feel all that great going into it, but I was having fun running on new terrain, taking in new sights.

Legs ended up feeling awesome and I managed to run a full minute FASTER than normal.  Thank you lower elevation. 

The bridges were lit up and the sun was starting to rise, so I snapped a few photos.  I miss running in the mornings.  This run was definitely a special one.
Mill St Bridge looking west, all lit up


pedestrian bridge with fabric awnings and blue lights
sun rising over Tempe Town Lake, looking east towards the Mill St Bridge

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