Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011 Totals

December was kind of a wash... I did awesome in my half marathon, and then I got sick, and then I moved to Denver.  Numbers were so sad, I didn't even do a status post for December.  This month I've been back in the swing of things, even with traveling to Houston for 2 weeks for field work.  I think my numbers are pretty decent, considering December was pathetic.

Bike: 18h 20m - 142.74 Mi (8 hours were on an indoor bike)
Run: 11h 54m 14s - 59.14 Mi
Swim: 9h 32m - 25550 Yd
Core Training: 35m

No goals were developed for January, so here's what I had for December...

  • RunGirl Half Marathon finish time of 2:25 (11:00/mile pace). I did the Houston Half Marathon in 2:31 and I'm a faster runner now, so theoretically, I should be able to meet this goal. The RunGirl course has some (small) hills, though, which could affect me. We shall see..... Ran this race in 2:20:42.  I CRUSHED my goal time - it was awesome.  And then I got bronchitis.  This may or may not be related to running this race (air temp was 40 degrees) in tri shorts and a tank top....
  • We had a preliminary offer on our house yesterday, which is great, but it makes the month of December really, really crazy. The proposed close date is Dec 29th - we've asked for the option to lease it through Dec 31st so we have a few extra days. This means I have to get quotes for movers, pack, figure out logistics, survive the selling process, and move to Denver. To say I'm a little overwhelmed right now is an understatement. It wasn't pretty, but we survived the move.  I'm still missing a few items (steaming pitcher for my espresso maker and the clip-on handles for my pots/pans). 
  • Find a run group in Denver for my long runs. Research swimming groups so I know what my options are, depending on where we end up living in January. I found a women-only distance running group that's very affordable.  Just need to start running with them.  There's another larger group, but I believe they think too highly of themselves.... Drop in cost is $20 (!!!) and they ask that you do not run more than 12 miles when you drop in.  Also, they don't provide paper cups (to be eco friendly) so you have to buy your own collapsable cup thingy.  Spring season with them is also ridiculous, something like $230.  So, we'll try the smaller women-only group and see how that works.  Funny part is that their track workouts are at my high school.... I don't believe I've ever stepped foot on that track, so this should be amusing.  For swim team, I'll probably join the Highlands Ranch Masters team.  Swam with them last Friday and they kicked my ass (I was the slowest one in the pool, very hard on my ego).  But they have AM practices M-Sat, so at least the schedule works for me.
  • Keep up with the training, even with the moving craziness. Done.
Ok, February Goals...
  • Survive training.  I suspect that Feb will be a build month.  Lots of cycling.  On hills.  At altitude.  My goal is to keep a positive attitude and keep working at getting better.
  • Figure out how to train in cold weather, even if that means treadmill.  Or figure out what to wear when its cold and I run outside.  Or figure out how cold is "too cold to run".

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