Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where's my stuff?

We've been in this house since the 7th.  I've physically been in the house maybe 5 days.  My pots, pans, coffee maker, espresso maker, and blender are all AWOL.  Very frustrating.  We hired professional movers.  I don't recall any boxes being left behind when we moved.  So they must be somewhere.  That's a lot of stuff to be missing.  I think the problem is that the movers did a crappy job labeling boxes.  We were so overwhelmed when we moved into this rental house that we did sort of a triage approach to unpacking.  Open a box, assume its labeled correctly, decide based on surface contents if it got unpacked or sealed back up for when we buy a house this summer.  Initially that worked, but about 2/3 of the way through the process, we started to realize that things weren't labeled well or packed by room.  We brought ~8 boxes to my mom's, and we were hoping our AWOL stuff was there.  Fortunately, my mom lent us A pot and A pan so Will wasn't totally without cooking pans while I was back in Houston for work.

Yesterday began mission: find our stuff.  Went to my moms, and nope, not there.  I did at least find a french press, so we aren't completely without coffee making tools.  (and Starbucks Via isn't a bad option, either). 

That means the stuff is in our garage....


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