Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Workouts

I suspect that this is what most of my weekends between now and May 21st will look like.  It kicked my ass, but surprisingly, I'm not sore today.  Weird.

Saturday AM: 4,000 yard (1.5 hr) masters swim practice.  This practice was not the "pro" version and was much more managable.  Practice was only supposed to be 1 hr long, but after telling the coach that I needed to get in 4,000 yards, she wrote up extra sets and stuck around for a while longer.  Nice!  She was also very complimentary on my pacing, smooth stroke, and flip turns.  I may be a "slow" swimmer, but my technique is great!

Saturday PM: 4 hr bike ride (56 miles).  I did the "Denver Triangle" route, which I figured was about the right ditstance for the time.  I started at South Platte Park (green dot on the linked map) and headed east on the C-470 trail, to get the hills done with early.  1.5 hours of hills.  I will admit at about 1.25 hours, after I got east of I-25, the landscape turned to hilly plains (aka nothing) with WIND and I was not a very happy camper.  Once I turned north, the wind played nice and the hills went away and I could settle into a pace and cruise.  Since I rode these trails earlier in the week, my confidence was better and I could get a higher mph and stay aero longer.  At about hour 3, my shoulders and saddle were a bit sore, so I did the game where you play "stay in aero for 15 min and then you can stretch".  Considering this is the longest ride I've done since my century last July, I think I did pretty good.  After the ride, I treated myself to a whole milk latte and cupcakes.  mmmmm.

Sunday AM: 2 hr run with 18x3 min fartleks with 1 min easy jog/walk btwn each one.  Yes, 18 of them.  This was not super fun but I survived.  I will admit that I was finding excuses to walk after the firsrt 5 intervals.  Its hard to use your inhaler and jog, you know?  So yeah, not a stellar run, but it was banked.

Then I went home, showered, ate, and took a nap because....

Sunday PM: 40 min run.  Coaches notes were literally "your furst mile will suck but stick with it".  Honestly, this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  The hardest part was getting up off the couch, but when I was out, it wasn't so bad.  Probably because I knew it was ONLY 40 minutes.  I did a sort of out and back by the house and chose a way with a not so steep uphill for the out, so I'd have a mostly downhill cruise for the back.  My neighborhood is hilly..... makes training interesting.

Then off to the grocery store, cooked dinner, and vegged on the couch.  And had another cupcake. 

Also spent some time with my Stick massage thingy.  I swear, a good 15 minutes rolling my legs out and I'm good to go.  My legs are BARELY sore this morning... craziness!

Also, cold tap water is COLD here.  I did an ice bath on Saturday after my ride.  I only turned on the cold water and stepped in when it was ankle deep.  OMFG it was COLD.  Painful pins and needles cold.  I tried to get in a few more times, each time lasting maybe 10 seconds before saying "I just can't DO THIS".  And then I turned on the hot water for about a minute.  Much better.  Still cold, but not Polar Bear Swim cold.  Guess I don't need to be stocking up on ice anytime soon for my ice baths.

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