Thursday, March 08, 2012

My arm is easily twisted

I've added yet another race to my calendar.

There was another Schwaggle deal, and with my Active Advantage membership, it cost a whopping $36 (instead of $90 + Active fees).  And I have some friends from high school who have signed up as well, including a newbie.  Go Eagles!  (or something.... I still have my old HHS swim team towel.  That would be amusing for use in transition).

I honestly don't remember owning this.  One day, a box of crap from HS showed
up at my house (thanks Mom!) and this was in it.  For the record, the printing is very scratchy.

This makes Race #3 in July.  THREE.  How did that happen?

All of the races should be fun, though.  I love supporting new triathletes, so SheRox was pretty much a no brainer.  Will decided to enter the Survivor Mud Run with me.  (I know, I about fell over.  Mud runs are the gateway drug to triathlons.... maybe).  Will has also been talking about going running with me.  Not sure where this came from, but I like it.  And the third race of July is the Rocky Mountain Tri - Oly distance.  Elevation of 8,500 feet.  It may hurt, but it should be pretty.

Also....This showed up on Tuesday:

100 wild berry, 100 strawberry, 50 strawberry-banana (with carrot), and 300 BOGO coupons.  Woot!  Now the real trick is keeping Will from eating all of them....

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