Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Will run for beer

This is my easy week.  Being that its an easy week, I can take few more liberties with training and life and stuff.  Yesterday called for a 20-30 min easy run.

Also happening yesterday, my husband texted me, saying that he and a friend of ours were at the neighborhood brewery.  At 4:30 in the afternoon.  Will is usually at this place on a Tuesday at 4:30, but I haven't seen this friend in a very long time.  It sounded like fun.  But I had to get a run in... what to do?

While sitting at my desk at work, I came up with one of my crazier ideas.  I would simply run from the house to the brewery!  I figured it was no more than 3 miles to the brewery, and that way, we wouldn't have the issue of having 2 cars at the brewery and trying to go to dinner after.  I got home, changed, grabbed my Camelback bag (without the bladder) and crammed some clothes to go over my running clothes and hit the road.

A super fun 2.25 miles later I was at the brewery!  And strangely enough, this was the lightest and fastest (even with some hills) run I've done this month.  I think the beer in my near future had something to do with it.  (and this adds to the very long list of things I do now that I'm a triathlete, which seem insane to normal people)

Beers were fun, hanging out with our friend was fun.  I gave him a hard time about his "kind of" girlfriend.  She's 43 and a grandmother.  With a tramp stamp.  The age is fine.  I'm more worried about what in her life's path has enabled her to be a grandmother at the age of 43.

And pretty soon, it was after 9 PM and we had not eaten dinner.  Will and I went to Chipotle and I had a massive burrito bowl at 9:30 PM.  And then I had all sorts of crazy dreams - go figure.

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