Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gear Review - Gone for a Run Arm Warmers

My old arm warmers are looking pretty ragged.  I got them in Jan 2010 at the expo for my first Half Marathon.  The velcro on my aerobars have done a number on them - they're pulled and ratty looking.  

As part of my Gone for a Run Ambassadorship, I thought I'd give their arm warmers a try.  They come in all sorts of fun designs and well, I needed new ones anyways.  I ended up selecting the "Will run for beer" ones.  I thought it was appropriate.  Especially since I've been known to run to the local brewery and meet my husband for beers/dinner.
these are pretty cool looking
The Specs:
  • Top nylon-spandex fabric
  • UV protection 50+ and anti-bacterial fabric
  • Compression fit with "stay put" grip
  • Available in multiple sizes
Depending on design, the arm warmers range from $21.99 - $25.99.


I ordered a small.  I measured my old arm warmers (laid them flat on the counter and measured the diameter at the top) and thought I'd be ok.  What I forgot was that my old arm warmers are VERY stretchy.  As a result, these arm warmers are pretty tight. 

I put them on for a chilly recovery ride on my bike.  I rarely use arm warmers for running but I like them for cycling.  
the true sign of a recovery ride: nothing matches

  • they seemed to have more of a cooling effect than a warming effect when I was riding.  That wasn't so good as it was pretty chilly out.
  • the text is screen printed, which is a bit stiff but not so stiff that you really noticed it.  I imagine it would soften up with time and use.
  • the stretch was pretty good.  I didn't have any bunching at my elbows or too much tightness anywhere.
  • the length was really good
  • I really didn't like the grippy stuff at the top of the sleeves.  It irritated my skin.  If it did that on a 1 hour easy bike ride I don't think it would be pretty for a run.
  • I almost wish I'd ordered a medium.
Overall, these were just ok.  I think I like my old arm warmers better, mainly because I like the fabric better.  (sorry)

But, if you need grips on your sleeves and want something with a cute slogan or colorful fabric, give these a try!
*disclaimer* Gone for a Run provided these arm warmers to me to wear and review.  All opinions remain my own.

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