Wednesday, April 02, 2014

March 2014 Training Totals

I got over my February cold and training really picked up.  Running would have been a bit higher but I went skiing on 2 of the days where I should have been running.  I can run any day of the year but I can only ski during a portion of the year.  And the skiing really has been great this year.  Oh, and zero yoga was done in March.  So much for that off-season goal.....

Bikes have been getting more intense and my weekday rides are a bit on the long side (1:30 to 1:40).  Not so much a fan of this as I can't start riding until ~6:10 PM and this means I don't eat dinner until 8 PM.  Running has all been slow MAF runs, which is fine by me.  And swimming is just swimming.  Although a few weeks back, I finally remembered how to swim again, so that's been a helpful change.  Oh, and I've been lifting weights.  This is a bit on the sucky side, because I lift at lunch and then I have a really hard bike ride after work.  My legs are trashed after that.  And then I'm pretty sore for days.  Two weeks ago I decided to do a ton of single-leg calf raises (I think it may have been 3 sets of 20).  My calves hurt hurt for 4 days, even with taking Aleve and wearing compression socks.  That sucked.

I fully expect April to get more intense and longer.  I'll probably have to do Deer Creek / Highgrade twice and I have a 4 day cycling camp in Sante Fe.  Lots of bike miles.

March 2014
Swim: 12h 30m - 33737.97 Yd
Bike: 23h 44m 19s - 323.62 Mi
Run: 10h 21m 09s - 53.22 Mi
Strength: 1 h
Skiing: 18h

February 2014
Swim: 6h 35m - 17607.18 Yd
Bike: 12h 12m - 154 Mi
Run: 9h 11m 59s - 51.13 Mi
Skiing: 12h
Yoga: 1h

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