Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June 2014 Training Totals

Alrighty - here's June, one month before crazy big IM Boulder month.  June was a bit tricky, mainly because I was in Idaho for 12 days and had some hard conflicts - 2 days driving (really, 3 if you count driving up to Meadows to surprise Chase with his restored pick-up) and a wedding.  I think I probably lost 5 days there, and I didn't have access to a pool while I was up there.  

Pretty solid totals, though.  I was really only down the equivalent of 3 swim practices (despite missing 4-6).  Bike mileage is solid.  I really enjoyed my rides in Idaho.  And my run volume is ok.  I think it was down a bit to give me some recovery after Boise - but once I got back things picked up again.

July should be a big month.

June 2014
Swim: 10h 29m 03s - 28867.82 Yd
Bike: 30h 34m 57s - 466.5 M
Run: 12h 28m 30s - 64.12 M
Walking: 35 min

May 2014
Swim: 13h 35m 58s - 37092.18 Yd
Bike: 22h 10m 13s - 297.42 M
Run: 14h 11m 42s - 76.69 M
Yoga: 30 min

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