Monday, July 21, 2014

What a week!

I really don't know what the heck was going on this past week, but I sure hope I got all of this weirdness/injury/bad mojo out of my system.

Friday (over a week ago), I tripped during a trail run and did this:

Wednesday, I was at swim practice EXTRA early (5 AM) to get in 4,000 m and at 5:45 I was literally fumigated by an acid mist and had to get out.  Lifetime, in all of their brilliance, decided to let unsupervised pool contractors clean the indoor pool with high pressure muriatic acid and vent the mist outside to the outdoor pool.  I came up in the middle of a 200 set literally coughing and gagging from the acid.  I was dumb stubborn and stayed in for a good 30 min while this was going on because I was GOING to get in that 4,000 m.  Instead I got acid burned lungs (which is fun with asthma!) and a whole lot of non-accountability by the Lifetime GM.

Then the following Friday (3 days ago) I was 2 miles away from home, spinning out the end of my 4 hour ride on the trail.  I came around the corner under a bridge and was surprised to see a woman with her dog WAY out on its leash.  I turned too sharp, slid on some sand, and laid my bike down.  I crashed 2 weeks before my Ironman.  Holy crap.  I remember realizing I was down, unclipping my top foot, unclipping my bottom foot, standing up, taking inventory, telling myself to walk, walking, and then checking on my bike.  All while the woman was frantically apologizing.  I scared the crap out of her (and me).  Somehow, I must have 9 lives and I was pretty unscathed.  My shorts are in one piece.  My hip is a bit bruised but ok.  My right hand (I fell on my right side and must have put my hand out) was bruised and I thought I may have broken a finger, but the xray said I was fine.  And my bike only has minor scratches to the rear bottle cage and rear derailleur.  LUCKY.

about 4 days later
I've been instructed by my coach to wrap myself in bubble wrap for the next 12 days....

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