Tuesday, October 25, 2005

After Dinner Conversation

I'm in southern Louisiana for work this week - staying in a bed and breakfast b/c most hotels in the area are booked with hurricane relief people. Tonight, the host family and their friends are sitting by the fire outside on the back patio, drinking beers, and talking. Somehow, the conversation turned to my generation, particularly people like me who are educated and not procreating. You know, because that's our function in life, and its a sin not to have 10 babies, and blah blah blah. Host's friend starts spouting a conversation that went mostly like this:

My daughter only has 2 kids and doesn't want any more. I keep telling her that *those* people (you know, the poor uneducated people) are having 5 kids, and the sum of the parents and kids will OUT VOTE you and your family.

First of all - how is voting a good argument to convice your daughter to have MORE kids? Granted, the logic kinda makes sense, but the argument is flawed. Then she spurts out this gem:
And what about the 3.5 million [give or take] BABIES they've killed? (We're wondering, what babies?) You know, all those babies that have been MURDERED by abortion.

Her point was that most white, educated people with money get abortions, whereas poorer non-white people do not get abortions, and therefore in 30 years she will be in the minority. Granted, she's southern and 65, but damn.

And this is about the point where I decide its best to head inside the house and drink my beer by myself.


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Holy crap. I think I'd have had to go inside to drink my beer, too...

Uh, be fruitful and multiply, Erin!

Then again, perhaps working on educating and improving the economic situation of *those* people would be preferable to the stress of chasing after 5 little ones and trying to keep them properly fed, clothed and educated.

Jess said...

Yikes. Just yikes.

Can't say I'm having too much fun without you, but at least I'm not having those conversations...;)

Vicky said...

Dude, you know where I stand on this.

If I had a nickel for every person that tried to convince me that I just "have to have one", etc., I'd be rich. Which might come in handy since I'm presently without an employer but thats another rant.

I would have not gone inside quietly with my beer. My beer would have fueled a "discussion" on how if you need a license to CUT HAIR you should have one to create other PEOPLE. Esp when those who are found of procreating these days are collecting welfare checks and otherwise mooching off of those who choose not to.

I'll stop now. I could keep going, but I'm not sure how big a comment this will hold, LOL.