Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Photos from the Swamp

I was working in Southern Louisiana, supervising the clearing of these 55-yr old drilling mud pits. It was really, really boring. Mainly because the work consisted of watching some dude on a trackhoe move muck around. But I managed to get some pretty cool pictures...

First off... here's an example of where I was working. Isn't it lovely?

Sunrise and fog over rice fields on the way to work one morning:

Big ass banana spider:

Red Fern

Maple leaves (never mind the fact that we kinda ran this tree over and it will be dead in a week or so...)

Swamp plants (moss, trees, and palmettos)

And my favorite - sunrise on Black Bayou


Vicky said...

cool pics!! Hope you didn't track to much mud/muck back with ya.

Anonymous said...

I love the last picture. You managed to get the sun to hit in just the right spots. You should blow up the pic and hang it.

I did not see any pictures of rocks...Christine