Sunday, October 02, 2005

I give up

On a lot of things, really.

1) Having my own cool custom logo for this blog. It didn't work. I have no idea how to make it work. I've reverted back to a blogger format..... but at least it works.

2)Work has been really, really, really crappy. At the risk of blogging about work here, I'm just really unhappy. I've been there just over a year - and have never really fit in or felt comfortable/needed/respected. I came in as a mid-manager and they didn't have any substantial projects to give me. The majority of what I've ended up with are projects where former co-workers did a crap job, blew the budget, and the project still needs to get finished. And its never been - "Hey, do what you need to do (even if you go further over) and get this done." Its been more like "Why is this even more over budget and what are you doing to minimizing charges?" When you have complete idiots who screwed the projects up - its really hard to be able to predict the level of effort that needs to be done to complete it. In several cases, I've had to start over from scratch. Anyways, I'm not working on that many projects that are billable, I just got my 2nd negative review (out of 3 in the past year). And my boss refused to provide specific examples of why I deserved a negative review. And I really don't understand the negative points, as I thought I've been doing a good job. Whatever. Anyways, this just means that its time to give up and move on. Hopefully.

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Vicky said...

Sorry dude. But it could be worse. You could be homeless, like me ;-P

I can't believe they gave you a negative review without justification. Fuck them. I know what its like to have your confidence at work mutilated. Good luck on the search!